We dedicate this project to our parents and grandparents
who brought us love for our roots...


The Romani people (widely known among English-speaking people by the exonym Gypsies) are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group, originating from the Northern India. They are a dispersed people, living mostly in Europe and the Americas. Their life is full of danger, uncertainty and romanticism. These people’s hearts are full of different and strong emotions. Famous Russian gypsy singer Nicolay Slichenko once said: «A gypsy’s joy is the ultimate joy and a gypsy’s desperation is the ultimate desperation». And that’s true. That’s why the gypsy traditional music is also full of joy and desperation at the same time.

Ruslanov Sisters and RiO RomanesE were created as a modern projects based on the best gypsy music & dance folklore traditions. We have the international music roots and hope to be understood by people all over the world. We think that our art may help you to express your emotions freely and with great fulfillness.