The end of the 20th century was a hard time for Gypsy music and dance. Gypsy art was of little demand in Europe and Russia. Many people thought that Gypsy music is perfect at restaurants and wedding ceremonies but is of no good for something else. These times were full of ordinary Gypsy bands that you cannot call the real thing.

But then Madonna invited Kolpakov Trio to be her supporting band in ​Sticky & Sweet worldwide tour (2008) and it was the beginning of revival of professional Gypsy art and the new era of Gypsy music and dance. In Russia it was famous and much talented Leonsia Erdenko who inspired many Gypsy artists to refresh their repertoire and to do something more than usual.

Our bands Ruslanov Sisters and RiO RomanesE were created spontaneously. It’s important to say that spontaneity is the main and most natural part and the spiritual base of Gypsy art.

On our way we met some professional musicians and the choreographer Julia Studilova who works with us now. In 2015 Ruslan Orekhovskiy started to arrange Gypsy traditional music to make it sound better and more interesting for contemporary listeners. It was his childhood dream to create contemporary Gypsy music and dance band based on old traditions of his own family. And it was his famous Russian Gipsy singer aunt Margarita Shumskaya who inspired him to make his dream come true. Another great source of inspiration for Ruslan is his daughter Laura’s Gypsy dance performances.

We try to popularize Gypsy music and dance all over the Russia and maybe Europe and want you to feel its uniqueness. Our art is based on the best Gypsy traditions but we have some new ideas in choreography and arrangements that will help us to be much more special. We hope that you like our bands.